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Birmingham medal, 1887

Diameter 39mm

Medal struck to commemorate the golden jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria. The obverse features the diademed bust of Victoria facing left and the inscription 'VICTORIA REGINA' (Queen Victoria). The reverse features the sun rising over the se...
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George Percy Jacomb-Hood (1857-1929)

Birthday Of H.M. King George V, Worthing

Watercolour on paper

240mm x 340mm

A seaside scene, with figures on the beach and lines of flags in the foreground.
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A glass milk bottle with green writing. On the front is writing set within a green shield shape. The bottle commemorates the silver jubilee in 1977.

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objectA rectangular card with rounded corners, pierced edges and a colour portrait of Queen Victoria at the top. There is a verse printed in blue to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee, 1887.
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A black and white mounted photograph of a casket, containing an address, which was presented to Queen Victoria in 1887 to celebrate her 50th year as Queen.

283mm x 355mm (Mount 498mm x 355mm)
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A photograph by Bullock Brothers of the gold casket presented to Queen Victoria in 1887 to celebrate her Golden Jubilee.

The casket contains the address from the Mayor and the Corporation of Leamington Spa. A year after her coronation Queen Victoria granted a Charter allowing the town to ad...
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A postcard published to commemorate the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, 1977.
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objectThis is a miniature silver spoon which is a replica of the coronation anointing spoon. It is fixed to a rectangular piece of brown card. The spoon was produced in the year of George V's coronation, 1911.
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Kathleen Allen (Kay) (1906-1983)

Coronation, 1952

Watercolour on paper

284mm x 445mm

A watercolour painting depicting the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kay was at the Royal College of Art with Dick Hosking and Alma Ramsey and became a lifelong friend. She was badly ...
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objectA gold and red coloured coronation crown made of gilded card. The crown was used as a decoration to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in 1952. At the back is a piece of string that was used for hanging the crown.
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objectA copy of the Daily Mail reporting on the Silver Jubilee for King George V on 6 May 1935.
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A description of the casket presented by Leamington Spa to Queen Victoria in 1887 to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. The Queen's reply is printed at the bottom of the note.
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